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I am a TV-producer and director based in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

I direct, shoot, edit and produce TV-reports, music documentaries and music videos.

In the past, I have worked with jazz musicians like Nils Wogram and Markus Stockhausen and also the famous Band "Bläck Fööss". 

I have been a TV-producer and reporter at WDR Television Studio Cologne and have also reported internationally as a video- and photojournalist from the refugee crisis in Serbia. 

I learned how to produce, shoot and edit video at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism in New York City where I underwent an intensive training program for video journalists and documentary filmmakers. 

After finishing my Masters Degree in American History, Political Science and International Law at Freie Universität Berlin, I absolved one year of stage and vocal performance training and later continued my music studies at The Collective School of Music in New York City. 


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Jana Heinlein

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